TG&T 2019 Gift Guide - Gifts For Your Guitar

Keeping It Clean and New

Items used to clean a guitar

1. Contact Cleaner - Keep all your electrical connections fresh and buzz free with a little contact cleaner.  While you have the cavity opened up, puff a little compressed air in there too to chase away any tone balls.

2. Feed N' Wax - Guitars are wood and wood needs love.  Rub down your guitar bodies with a little Feed N' Wax and a soft cloth and hang 'em up for display.  We all need a little extra lotion in the winter.

3. Fretboard Oil - A simple way to keep your fretboard oiled and clean is mineral oil.  Just rub it into your frets, and wipe off excess with a cloth. Coconut oil works too, but mineral oil is usually way cheaper.

Upgrades and Mods to Keep It Exciting

1 Meg Potentiometer

4.  1 Meg Pot - These pots basically attenuate very little, almost like wiring your pickup directly to the input jack. The result is the most true and clear sound of your pickup. This will brighten a muddy pickup and give you tones that you wouldn't otherwise experience.

Knobs for guitar

5.  New Knobs - Knobs are like the jewelry of guitars - easy to change out and can really add that extra something.  Check out our knob collection here but remember to match your knobs to your pots - import potentiometers fit with 6mm knobs and American-made/imperial potentiometers fit with 1/4" shaft knobs.

Telecaster pickguard options

6. New Pickguard - A new pickguard, especially in a different color, instantly changes the look of your guitar.  Check out our selection here.  If you're in the mood for something extra funky, we love DecoBoom.


Those Extras Tho

7.  Handmade or Bespoke Picks - We like Arizona's own Dragon Picks for some super unique plectrums.  To find just the right pick for you, check out Heavy Repping for some solid reviews (and great videos on YouTube).

Dragon Picks

8.  Unique Strap - Match your strap to your guitar or just grab a different one depending on your mood.  Denali Straps has the killer look without the kill (their rad tagline, not ours) since they use all vegan materials.  Their White Western strap definitely puts the white in White Christmas.

Denali Strap Co


Buy Now, Decide Later

Thompson Guitar & Thrift gift card

For the indecisive among us, a gift card will always win.  Until the end of December 2019, Thompson Guitar & Thrift is running a sale on our $50 gift card - only $40!  Buy now and save $10.  Use code GUITARGIFT2019 at checkout to see your savings.