Seymour Duncan SSL-3 Hot Strat Pickup No Logo
Seymour Duncan SSL-3 Hot Strat Pickup No Logo
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Seymour Duncan SSL-3 Hot Strat Pickup No Logo

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Awesome pickup, Alnico-V powering 15.8K!

From the Seymour Duncan website:

Huge sounding Stratocaster single coil with tons of output and midrange. Perfect for beefing up your bridge position.

The Hot for Strat will deliver more output and midrange than your Stratocaster ever has. This pickup replaces the classic high end sparkle with a humbucker-like cut that makes your chords sound explosive, and your solos jump out like never before. The sound is warmer and hotter than a traditional Strat pickup, and is rich with punchy harmonics. The raised flat alnico 5 rod magnets are taller for a stronger and deeper magnetic field that increases the output, and this overwound coil delivers additional power and warmth. Great for getting heavy sounds from a Strat. Combine with an SSL-3 in the neck and an SSL-3 RWRP in the middle for a complete set, or try SSL-5s in the neck and middle for a more versatile setup.Starting with the modern oval bottom flatwork that fits in any guitar routed for single coils, the bobbin is built with hand ground alnico 5 magnets, lacquered for stability, then wound and wax potted for squeal free performance. 

**No returns will be accepted for pickups that have been mounted or have cut leads. 

****Please note that these pickups will be delivered exactly as pictured, and have no identifying markings or logos. These pickups will come with mounting screws and springs.

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