On Screws

We recently did an IG and Facebook post about screws we have in stock. It was just a pic of the different types of gold screws (we sell a ton of gold screws), their measurements and uses. Pretty simple, not exciting like a guitar pickup, figured it would just be informative and let folks know what we have in stock. 

Gold guitar and bass screws available at Thompson Guitar & Thrift

The response was, well, surprising. On IG alone it got over 200 likes and lots of questions and saves. We were baffled (still are kinda) but I suppose what everyone liked is that it spelled out the sizes/uses. If you need guitar or bass screws, you know how confusing it might be to get the right size. Also, going down to the local hardware store to find something comparable is not a great idea.

You can certainly go to eBay and Reverb to find them, but even there it can be a bit of a dig to find exactly what you need, and you don't always know what exactly you'll be getting in the mail. We've taken time to pull together the most needed and most used screws, and put them in package deals from just the number you need to re-stocking your bench. We also love to help and answer questions, if you need to find the right screw. 

The moral of the story for us is that being kinda proactively informative is necessary for store owners. Simply having what you need isn't always enough, we have to be informative and let you know, in clear and easy language, what our parts are used for and how to pick the right ones. We don't want to be an anonymous online store, we want to be a trusted destination.

Check out all our great screws for guitar and bass here!


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