Business-to-Business Policy (B2B)

Thompson Guitar & Thrift is excited to announce our official B2B program for guitar, pedal and amp builders, repair and setup shops and luthiers. 


Thompson Guitar & Thrift Business-to-Business (B2B) requirements:

  • Digital copy of business license
  • Signed B2B agreement

Approved B2B partners will receive a discount code which allows for a set percentage off of listed retail price, as well as free USPS First Class Package shipping. (Note that the discount cannot be applied to Fender Original, Floyd Rose Original, DR Strings products and TG&T gift cards.)  Expedited shipping, or shipping via another carrier will be at the expense of the B2B partner.  This discount code can be discontinued by TG&T at any time for non-compliance with the B2B agreement.  

Special orders of products which are not actively in inventory (e.g. products or product quantities beyond what is listed on the TG&T website) totaling over $100 will require a 50% up-front deposit. This 50% is fully refundable and will be deducted from the total cost due upon delivery.

Anything purchased from Thompson Guitar & Thrift is not to be resold as individual items. Reselling of Thompson Guitar & Thrift products in a manner that is in direct competition with Thompson Guitar & Thrift is not allowed and can lead to severing of B2B relationship. This does not include Thompson Guitar & Thrift products being used in guitars, basses, pedals, pre-wired assemblies, or any other build or project that is produced for sale.