About Us

Hey there - thank you so much for visiting our small business shop!  We're JT and Courtney Thompson, co-owners and sole employees of Thompson Guitar & Thrift.  Our mission is to outfit your next build, mod or repair with Quality Affordable Guitar Parts.  

Here's a question we get a lot: "Please tell me how you can sell your items for way less than other people and stay in business? Is your stuff made in China? Thank you for helping those people who aren’t made of money."

JT & Courtney Thompson


1️⃣ Right now we have one importing source in South Korea and a few USA sources we use. Quality is important to us!

2️⃣ We keep our overhead costs LOW (no fancy branded packaging or swanky offices for us) and pass that low price on to our customers. Affordability is important to us!

3️⃣ We're on a slow growth model and aren't looking to compete with all the other guitar parts sellers of the world. We think there's enough room for everyone and our plan is to focus on being the best we can be in our little niche. Customer service is important to us!

JT Thompson

JT playing his Les Paul



Courtney Thompson

CT in Airstream full of records


We’re currently shipping orders from the sweaty comfort of our garage in Phoenix, Arizona so we don’t have a retail storefront to visit - but maybe someday!  JT has been playing, modding, or building guitars in some way since he was a kid so we are truly musician owned and operated.  Courtney is a designer at heart and loves the aesthetics of guitars - they are truly functional works of art.  We have two shop dog “assistants”, Sweetie and Winfield, who try their hardest to help out by creating a dog obstacle course in our shop.  

So that's a little bit about us and our small business. We love to make internet friends so feel free to introduce yourself here or send us a message. And if your #guitarsneedparts, send us an order! We've got free USA shipping and quality affordable guitar parts waiting for you.

Sweetie the Shop Dog