Tucson Tele Bridge Chrome

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The Tucson Tele Bridge in Chrome

This is an excellent vintage ashtray-style Tele bridge, with the added super-adjustability of individual saddles. Perfect for the player to wants more control over intonation and action than a typical 3-saddle design has to offer. Each string-slotted saddle has two intonation adjustment screws. Conveniently drilled for either top-mount or string-thru body. Check out the spec pic for detailed measurements.

  • Vintage ashtray style
  • 10.8mm string spacing
  • 4-screw mounting design
  • Solid steel
  • Individual saddles, each with two intonation adjustment screws, string slotted
  • Top-mount and string-thru design
  • Comes with matching screws and allen wrench
Collections: Bridges Vendors: Thompson Guitar & Thrift SKU: BTM1C