Alpha Potentiometer A10K Audio Taper Mini Pot

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Alpha Mini A10K Audio Taper Potentiometer
  • 6mm diameter split shaft radial control 18 spline
  • Radial control shaft 8mm long (tall) from top of threaded bushing
  • Threaded bushing is 7.6mm diameter x 8mm long (tall)
  • Pot barrel housing is 16.5mm diameter
  • Overall length is 24.5mm (tall)

Smooth control with NO center detent.

This is an “A” audio (logarithmic) taper pot.

The pot barrel diameter is a little smaller than a dime, making it great for tight control cavities or archtop guitar pickguard mount. A10K is great for active circuits in guitars or basses, along with pedals and amps. 

All TGNT Alpha pots are hand-tested and are within ±15% resistance tolerance.

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High quality, made in Korea

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