Thrift Store - New Old Stock, Dent & Scratch and More

Check out our Thrift Store! Here's some awesome items, lots of NOS/blemished/used stuff at steep discounts! This is an excellent way to try out parts you may not have thought of before.

Items listed in the Thompson Guitar & Thrift “Thrift Store” are NOS (new old stock), blemished NOS, or used. Functionality is tested on electronic parts, and where applicable, resistance is listed on pickup listings.

Items in the Thrift Store are not returnable. All sales are considered final. We've listed all the verifiable information that we have, and that's how we can keep the cost low on these Thrift Store items. Please understand, if you get a pickup with a ceramic magnet and you prefer alnico, you cannot return it or exchange it. If you get a control plate that is blemished or scratched and you don't like it, you cannot return it or exchange it. If there's a blemish you do not like on a pickguard, you cannot return or exchange it. If this doesn't work for you, please do not buy from the Thrift Store and check out our brand new, regular-priced products. These Thrift Store items are being sold at a smoking deal for a reason. No coupons, automatic discounts or any other B2B or personal discounts can be applied to items in the Thrift Store.