6-String "The Commander" Steel Block 2-Point Tremolo System Gold

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The Commander is a 2 point tremolo system par excellence. With any 2 point system, the quality of the components is key, given the exacting way they have to be set up and calibrated to a guitar. Given this, The Commander is by far the greatest value 2 point tremolo system available. There's no logo, just a clean and beautiful bridge that's perfect as a drop-in replacement and for your custom build.

  • Solid steel plate
  • Gold finish
  • Steel block  (40mm in length from bottom of baseplate)
  • Fully adjustable high sustain stainless saddles
  • 10.8mm/.42inch string spacing
  • Comes with posts/bushings, springs, tension claw/screws, tremolo arm, bridge height adjust wrench and saddle height adjust wrench

Mounting studs measure 10mm in diameter. Check out the spec pic for full dimensions.