2019 TG&T Gift Guide - For Your Shop Dog (or Cat!)

Let's not forget what man's best friend and your best shop companion, the dog, might want for Christmas this year.  This gift guide is Sweetie the Shop Dog approved.

Sweetie the Shop Dog


Hanging Out

Karunda Dog Bed

Kurunda dog beds are the gold star standard and this tough aluminum-framed dog bed is perfect for the shop dog that hangs out in the shop with you.  It gives your shop dog a place to lay down that isn't on the floor and so clear of woodshavings or other metal bits.  It is heavy duty and you can simply hose it down when needed.  The bed allows for airflow to keep your shop dog cool in the summer and add a fleece blanket or cozy dog pillow on top in the winter and your dog will settle in to observe for hours.


Sweetie eats out of food bowl

Sweetie has the Doca Pet Y.Bowl to keep her water bowl from running away (she is an agressive drinker!) but a nice DIY dog bowl feeding station could be a great gift for your shop dog.  Check out the tutorial here from Chris Loves Julia's blog - a piece of wood and two brackets are where it's at.

Chris Loves Julia blog image - Charley the dog


Customizable dog bandana

If you want your shop dog to wear the company logo, try out these customizable bandanas from California Paws on Etsy.  Now even the dog can represent.  (Don't tell Sweetie but we might have ordered a TG&T one for her!)


Personalized dog tag

Another option for your shop dog to sport are these guitar pick shaped dog tags, personalized by The Dancing Hound, also on Etsy. 


For the Shop Cats ...

Catnip stuffed guitar toy

We here at TG&T don't have as much experience with cats but we do think they're pretty cute.  Reward your shop cat with some catnip stuffed guitars and see what fresh riffs they come up with ...

Haus Panther web

For other shop cat recommendations and merch, you can't go wrong with Haus Panther.  Their products well designed AND stylish so they'll vibe just right next to that vintage guitar you just fixed up.




Dangerous Dog Foods

This is a free poster that we have printed out and hung on the side of our fridge because it is a super useful and quick way to check and see if your shop dog should get to eat whatever people food it's about to eat .... Done by Lili Chin of www.doggiedrawings.net, it's a great resource and free!