TG&T 2019 Gift Guide - For Your Gig Bag

When it comes to gigging, there are a lot of variables - the size of the venue, the band, the amount of travel -- all these things can make a difference in what you need.  Here's a few gift ideas for the gigging musician in your life.

Besides the playing music part of a gig, we find that there are two other main issues a gigging musician faces: moving stuff and powering stuff.

Moving Stuff

 Hard sided suitcase on wheels

First of all, a gig bag!  You can never go wrong with wheels.  We've had good luck at our local thrift stores - everyone donates their old black carry-on suitcases after a while.  While a suitcase that is black on the outside is ideal, make sure to find one that has a light colored interior, to help with contrast and make it easier to locate things in a dark bar or club. Do an inventory of what you need to fit in there to make sure you get the right size - not too big or small.

3 Way Convertible Cart

Next, a handy cart for all the other equipment.  This one is a little tricky to figure out but once you know the secret handshake has become infinitely useful.  It can be configured either as a flat bed or a hand cart and makes load in and out so much better, especially when parking is not handy. And then it folds up really small for all the times it is just hanging out in the garage.

Cable and cord management

It's a lot easier to move stuff when it's organized-ish and your cables and cords aren't all in a jumble.  These cord storage wraps and reusable ties make it easy to keep it together.

Powering Stuff

 Proline Instrument Cables

An extra instrument cable is always in good order for a gigging musician.  Our Proline 20' cable is a bargain and great quality to boot.  With a straight 1/4" input on one end and a 90 degree 1/4" input on the other, each gold plated, you have options for whatever your setup may be.

 Power options

Power may be scarce at a gig and extension cords are always in need along with three prong power plugs as well as a polarized grounding adapter. Research for this gift guide turned up this power strip/surge protector on steroids and we've ordered it for ourselves. With 14 outlets and 4 USB slots it looks like it can handle a lot of load and the other bonus is that the 6' cord retracts and spools cleanly into the base.  


Bonus IdeasDR Strings

An extra set of strings will always save your ass at a gig.  Did you know we are a DR Strings dealer? Check out our selection of strings here.


TG&T Gift Card

Still not sure what is the best gift for your gigging musician?  Through the end of 2019, we are offering a $50 gift card for only $40.  Save $10 now by using the code GUITARGIFT2019 at checkout.