TG&T 2019 Gift Guide - For Your Workshop

Building guitars, setting them up or just plain tinkering with guitars requires tools, gadgets and more so here's some of our favorites for that person who just won't stop taking their guitar apart (you know who you are).

Tools, Tools, Tools

Soldering station

A new soldering station might be just the upgrade for 2020.  This one is well reviewed, sturdy enough for frequent use and has a separate stand and power station to give you flexibility on your worktop.  


Imperial and metric sized nut drivers

Nut drivers in imperial and metric sizes are super useful. Premier Guitar recommends 3/16" and 11/32" for mini switches, 5/16" for Gibson truss rods, 1/4" for Taylor, Guild, and many other truss rods, 1/2" for most potentiometers and jacks, 7/16" for import jacks and potentiometers, and 10 mm for tuning key collars.


Various clamps on a workbench

A woodworker and guitar maker can never have too many clamps and there are all manner of size and shape clamps for different purposes.  Check out this article for recommendations on the 8 best woodworking clamps of 2019 and stock up!



Hardware and Guitar Parts

TG&T Screw Sets

It's never a great feeling to get deep into a guitar repair or mod and realize you're missing one VERY SPECIFIC screw.  TG&T has you covered!  Check out our selection of guitar screws here and good news - we're adding much more in 2020!  If you're not sure what your guitar builder needs, gift them a gift card!!  Through the end of December 2019, you can purchase a $50 TG&T gift card for only $40 by using the code GUITARGIFT2019 at checkout.  Save $10 here.


 Assorted potentiometers

If you want to gift an electric guitar builder something they will always need, it's potentiometers!  TG&T has a complete line of potentiometers and we sell in bulk quantities for crazy low prices.  The A250K and A500K are our best sellers.


Magnetic knife rack

Another awesome shop item comes from a strange source - Ikea.  The magnetic knife racks and magnetic stainless steel clips are great mounted above a workbench - you can easily rack up your set of nut drivers and you can use the clips to hold up small containers of parts or wiring diagrams.


Brother PTouch 1180

Oh brother, do we love and use our Brother P-Touch 1180 Label Maker all.the.time.  It's so great to have all your shop items labeled so you never end up buying duplicates or searching for something that is right in front of you.


Wireless speaker

Finally, what fun is shop time without some music!  These wireless speakers are not only waterproof and dustproof but they can also be paired for surround sound so you can really get into the groove.