Alpha Potentiometer 1 Meg "A" Audio Pot

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Alpha 1 Meg "A" Audio Potentiometer
  • 6mm diameter split shaft radial control coarse spline
  • Radial control shaft 8mm long (tall) from top of threaded bushing
  • Threaded bushing is 7.6mm diameter x 9.5mm long (tall)
  • Pot barrel housing is 24mm diameter
  • Overall length is 29.3mm (tall)

Smooth control with NO center detent.

This is an “A” audio (logarithmic) taper pot.

Use this pot to run your guitar wide open!  A 1 Meg pot eliminates almost all attenuation and will brighten up a muddy sounding pickup. Got a muddy vintage pickup? Try this first. Might save you some serious $$  

All TGNT Alpha pots are hand-tested and are within ±15% resistance tolerance.

Check out our free downloadable potentiometer poster here

High quality, made in Korea

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