Alpha Potentiometer A500K/A250K Concentric Stacked Dime Size Pot

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Alpha A500K/A250K Audio Taper Concentric Stacked Dime Size Barrel Potentiometer
6mm top shaft, 8mm bottom

This pot has both an A500K pot AND an A250K pot!

  • A250K is the top radial control and bottom pot position
  • A500K is the bottom radial control, top pot position

Smooth control with NO center detent.

This is an “A” audio (logarithmic) taper pot.

  • 6mm diameter top radial control shaft, 8mm diameter bottom
  • Radial control shafts area combined 15.4mm long (tall) from top of threaded bushing
  • Threaded bushing is 8.8mm diameter x 10.2mm long (tall)
  • Dual pots are 16.5mm diameter
  • Overall length is 48mm (tall)

Traditional mini dime-sized pots, stacked! Independent radial controls for both knobs. This thing packs a huge punch in a small space. These are great for stacking two volumes in one control. 500k works perfect with humbuckers, A250K works perfect with single-coils.

All TGNT Alpha pots are hand-tested and are within ±15% resistance tolerance.

Check out our free downloadable potentiometer poster here

High quality, made in Korea

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