3x3 Chrome Proline Self Locking Tuners Set of 6

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This is 1 set of Proline 3x3 Self Locking Tuners and all hardware needed to install.

These are easy to work, just pull your string through the hole in the cap as tightly as you wish, then wind to pitch as the cap tightens down on the tuner, much like a PRS tuner.

There's also a cut out on the top of the tuning shaft for a flat head screwdriver if you need to manually tighten.

The best part? These are great quality locking tuners at a fraction of the cost of larger name brands! 

Requires a 10mm drilled hole. Offset mounting screw flange. See spec pic for detailed measurements.

Gear ratio: 15:1

Very high quality, made in Korea.

Collections: Tuning Machines Vendors: Thompson Guitar & Thrift SKU: TU3X3SLC