PGS 2023 Full Tent Reservation

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Full Tent Reservation

Early Bird Cost: $275

Standard Registration Cost: $300


  • Square footage covered by (1) 10’x10’ standard pop-up tent (tents provided by PGS)
  • Two 6’ x 30” standard height folding tables
  • Two plastic folding chairs

Note: Your space will have neighbors on two (lateral) sides, front visitor access and the back will be along R-V fence (this is subject to change based on final reservation details)

The tables can be configured as you would like within the 10’x10’ space with the caveat as stated above that there will be other vendors on each side, guest access from the front, and a fence on the back side

This does not include tablecloths, tables will be “raw” and you will need to provide your own table coverings or pay for them as an additional add-on rental

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