SoCal™ Single Coil Pickup

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Named after sunny Southern California, where it all began, Thompson Guitar & Thrift is proud to present the SoCal Single Coil Pickups

These classic pickups are available as a set of three or in the individual positions (neck, middle, bridge) with either white or black plastic pickup covers

The neck position pickup delivers fat bass and silky highs while maintaining crystal string clarity.

The middle position pickup delivers awesome midrange, even string clarity with a bright "shimmering" quality.

The bridge position pickup delivers a tight snap and growl with plenty of sustain. Play a little with your tone control, and this pickup sounds just like a humbucker.

The staggered-top pole pieces give you the extra power exactly where it's needed.

Featuring super high-quality pickup wire and driven by Alnico-5 magnetic pull, you'll hear every note with clear, bell-like quality. Simply the best value, top quality Strat-style single coil pickup on the market.

Vintage sound and style, perfect for your Strat-style guitar.


  • Alnico 5 Magnets
  • High-quality pickup wire
  • bullet-proof construction
  • Staggered top pole pieces
  • ~5.4K Resistance (the bridge pickup runs a little hotter, up to ~6.2K)

Part of Thompson Guitar & Thrift's Maker Series of pro-grade guitar parts and components.

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